Your objective

So, what can a driving licence do for you?


It can give you choice!  Increased job opportunities/choices, increased home/living choices and increased leisure opportunities/choices.


It can give you freedom!  No longer tied to bus or train routes and timetables, it may give you the freedom to do things you have only dreamed of until now.


Is there a college/training course you would like to attend, but time/transport does not allow it?


Are you a budding artist or photographer, but can’t get that early dawn shot because you can’t get there?


Are you a budding entrepreneur with lots of ideas, but location and logistics get in the way?

The learning experience

I offer a client centred approach to learning, which means your lessons are based on your own unique learning style (Visual – Audio – Rote – Kinaesthetic).  We will use methods and material that are most suited to you and allow you to obtain the most from your learning experience.


My aim is to allow you to develop into a safe, confident, assertive and conscientious driver, and to pass your practical test with the knowledge and understanding to continually develop your driving (life) skills in our ever changing environment.