What is coaching?

You will learn to understand how your actions affect others, and how their behaviour affects you, as well as how attitudes (yours or other’s) can help or hinder your driving.

What is client centred learning?

It’s about using you to help you!  Just as one size shoe doesn’t fit all feet, one set of learning material or one approach to instruction doesn’t fit all learners.


We all have different thinking processes, different personalities, etc.  Each of these affects how we learn and how we deal with the world around us.  You are unique, so client centred learning is unique to you!

What is defensive driving?

It’s about knowing your vehicle and what it can do for you.  It’s about knowing your skill level and how to drive within it.  It’s about using the road and what you see around you.  It’s about responding to potential situations developing, rather than reacting after they have.


That all sound a bit boring?  It’s about fun!  It’s about blocking up (gears) as well as down, getting out and away, knowing when fast is safe and when slow is a four letter word!

What is ECO-driving?

It’s about driving safely and efficiently, and doing the least damage to the environment as you do it.  It’s about getting the most from a tank of fuel, your tyres, your brakes, your clutch, etc.  Keeping your car maintained.


You can increase fuel efficiency by up to 15% just by improving your driving technique.