The Learner

If you intend to practice your driving between lessons, you must observe the law and know it is there to keep you safe.  

You must be supervised at all times.

Both you and the supervising driver are responsible.

The car you are driving must be road legal.  This means properly maintained, “M.O.T’d” if appropriate, taxed and insured for you to drive, displaying L-plates, etc.

Insurance – You must be a named driver on the insurance policy of the vehicle you are driving, or have your own policy for that vehicle. Companies such as Collingwood Learners or Young Marmalade provide insurance for learner drivers.  This is often a better choice than adding a learner as a named driver to the original policy.

The Supervisor

You must be 21 years or over and have held a full licence (in the category that you are going to supervise in) for three years minimum.

You are equally responsible for the vehicle, i.e. roadworthiness, suitable insurance, etc.

The laws which apply to you behind the wheel also apply to you when supervising a learner.  It is important to note that while supervising you are not a passenger, you must therefore be fit to drive.

You must not have a hand held mobile phone, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc.

If you allow your learner to break the law, such as speeding, no insurance, etc. you may find yourself prosecuted as well as the learner.

Further information can be found on the DSA website.

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