I have held a full driving licence for vehicles up to 7.5tonne and a full motorbike licence since 1983.  I have experience in transport and logistics, from working as a motorcycle courier in the city to transporting precious and valuable cargo nationwide.  I set up my own business in the transport industry when I was 19.

My experience as a driver

My experience as an instructor

So, how does my past help your future?  Quite simply, my life skills will help you to grow and develop your life skills.



I am a grade 5 DSA ADI and have been instructing in

Dumfries and Galloway since 2010.


I have a background in equine/canine and human

behavioural management and assertiveness coaching,

with a lot of experience in teaching practical skills.


I have previously been involved in teaching defensive

riding techniques (both motorcycle and equine) as well

as equine riding and road safety.


I am a keen cyclist, horse rider, motorcyclist and driver.